CivicLive 2017: Year in Review

CivicLive 2017: Year in Review
Posted on 12/14/2017
CivicLive 2017: Year in Review

2017 was a busy year for the CivicLive team. Throughout the past twelve months we’ve launched websites across the country, working with governments in California, Illinois and Georgia (to name a few). During the year we’ve been working to help local governments foster better communication and citizen engagement through impeccable service, using the powerful CivicLive CMS.

Many of the new sites we designed this year incorporated our 2016 predictions for web design in 2017—Flat Design, Mobile-First Design (all CivicLive websites are fully responsive after all), less text and more images, and more. We also focused on helping municipalities to incorporate their personal brands within their new, modern websites, encouraged the use of city photography, instead of stock images, and the use of an eGovernment CMS that helps meet citizens’ needs.

We’re proud of all the great websites we had a hand in developing this year, let us show you why.

City of Jersey City, New Jersey

Launched at the end of November, Jersey City’s new, CivicLive-powered website boasts a modern, sophisticated design that highlights the city’s youthfulness, diversity and history all in one. A big part of Jersey City’s website revamp involved modernizing in order to meet citizens’ needs.

CivicLive helped Jersey City to develop a usable website, designed with a citizen-centric information architecture—meaning website content is arranged in a user-friendly way, making it easy for citizens to find what they’re looking for. Jersey City’s new website is fostering community engagement because its citizens can effortlessly access city services online, on any mobile device.

The City’s website is also equipped with a bold, new design. Our creative team helped to skillfully and seamlessly incorporate the City’s updated branding guidelines, offering a design that shows off the city, its artistry, history and community.

Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Village of Arlington Heights in Illinois prides itself on its history and tradition. For them, a website redesign meant finding new, modern ways to showcase the village’s lively community and local businesses. To do this, CivicLive equipped their new website with a comprehensive business and wedding directory. The website also boasts a subsite that highlight’s the Village’s local “Shop. Dine. Play.” offerings, ensuring residents and visitors alike can easily find local businesses, restaurants and city activities.

The new site includes a dynamic mega menu and quick links for easy access to village information, guaranteeing site users can easily find what they’re looking for. CivicLive also helped with content development, ensuring the new website follows web content best practices, and that its content is at its most up-to-date.

Finally in order to provide a smooth transition between their old and new website, the CivicLive team worked hard to provide the Village with a flexible, attentive and understanding approach to project management, adapting to the Village’s evolving needs, and unique viewpoints.

City of Davenport, Iowa

Out in Iowa, the City of Davenport was looking to update their website in order to provide a one-stop-shop that would support their community’s unique needs. CivicLive helped Davenport to build a flexible smart website, that includes a robust, modern CMS that’s easy to learn and use—making it easy for the City’s in-house website team to make changes to website pages, update features, forms and news sections.

A vibrant and progressive city, Davenport has fully embraced social media, and uses it as one of many ways to connect with the city’s residents and businesses. In order to make their use of social media that much more successful we integrated Davenport’s social media accounts directly into the website, making sharing website content on their various social media platforms simple and effective, and ensuring city news and information makes its way to as many residents as possible.

As we helped Davenport to create their new, contemporary site, we also provided immersive, one-on-one training, helping city staff understand their new website, how they can use it to streamline processes and provide first-rate service to their community.


Jersey City, Arlington Heights and Davenport are only a small taste of the work we’ve accomplished over the past year at CivicLive. From Loma Linda in California to West Point in Georgia, we’ve been helping local governments build websites that help strengthen their communities through simplified, online processes, better, contemporary means of engagement and beautiful, unique designs that boost website usability while showcasing each municipality’s individuality.

Learn more about the CivicLive Website Solution and Methodology, contact us today.

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